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Step by Step Guide
The VideoTool Webinar module is super easy to use. However, if it is your first time working with webinars please have a look at this step-by-step guide on how to enjoy and use all funktionalities in the VideoTool Webinar solution. 
See video tutorials about the elements for your webinar solution.
In case you still have questions to functionalities, please contact 

Login and create new webinat event



Log in to Go to the Livestreaming module. Create a new event. Connect your webinar event to a livestreaming account on the drop-down.

Choose weather your event is a public event or a log-in event for a specific audience.




How to set-up a Live Event / Webinar 


Go to 'Settings'. At the top of the screen, you will always find shortcuts to the different administration pages, like; Q&A, slide function, statistics, and preview of your landingpage.

Choose the user settings innitially for your live event. You can e.g. choose player photo, language, count-down on your landing page, viewer text possibility and also viewers' questions during the live event.

Another possibility is to choose a pre-set for player display setup and moreover find links to the stream server and the stream name, used as set-up conditions for the livestreaming.  



Conditional Set-ups for Slides

Import, upload and show slides for your event.


Please observ that slides and photos present best in the same aspect ratio as 16:9 video.


You can also use photos e.g. from Power Point if transferred as JPG or PNG.

Make a slide album containing the slides you have selected for your event.


If you have several speakers, then make several slide shows. Please, have a look at the guide video on this possibility.




The Moderator's tool to control questions and answers during the Live Event.


If you have permitted your viewers to ask questions during your live event, these questions will appear on screen in the designated Q&A line space.


The moderator/speaker can now use the viewers' questions during the webinar. 


You also have the possibility to either show the moderator the viewers questions on an external URL, or allow a moderator to administer the questions, before displaying them to the speaker. 



Sign up forms and usersgroups


You might need some help to connect users to your live event and webinar the first time.

Feel free to contact us for help.

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